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"test.build.data" property overused leading to write data at the wrong place



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      "test.build.data" is overloaded in HBase.At the beginning, it's the "Default parent directory for test output.", but then it's rewritten to be the directory itself in functions like HBaseTestingUtility#startMiniDFSCluster

      It seems that this value is already used by MiniDFS (i.e. outside of HBase):
      "Name is as it is because mini dfs has hard-codings to put test data here."

      As it is today, there is at least a bug in HBaseTestingUtility:

        public void initTestDir() {
          if (System.getProperty(TEST_DIRECTORY_KEY) == null) {
            clusterTestBuildDir = setupClusterTestBuildDir();
            System.setProperty(TEST_DIRECTORY_KEY, clusterTestBuildDir.getPath());

      if you set a value for "test.build.data", the test dir will be the parent directory and not a temp subdir, leading to issues as multiple tests will end-ups in the same (bad) directory. This function is barely used today, hence it's not visible, but I would like to use it in some new code.

      A possible fix is to remove the check for null and continue with the overloading, but I don't think it would be a big issue to create a new key(like "test.build.data.rootdirectory") specific to the root directory and to use "test.build.data" only to communicate with MiniDFS. Feedback welcome.


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