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HFile V2 does not honor setCacheBlocks when scanning.


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 0.92.0, 0.94.0
    • Fix Version/s: 0.92.0, 0.94.0
    • Component/s: regionserver
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      While testing the LRU cache during the scanning I noticed quite some churn in the cache even when Scan.cacheBlocks is set to false. After debugging this, I found that HFile V2 always caches blocks in the LRU cache regardless of the cacheBlocks setting.

      Here's a trace (from Eclipse) showing the problem:

      HFileReaderV2.readBlock(long, int, boolean, boolean, boolean) line: 279
      HFileReaderV2.readBlockData(long, long, int, boolean) line: 219
      HFileBlockIndex$BlockIndexReader.seekToDataBlock(byte[], int, int, HFileBlock) line: 191
      HFileReaderV2$ScannerV2.seekTo(byte[], int, int, boolean) line: 502
      HFileReaderV2$ScannerV2.reseekTo(byte[], int, int) line: 539
      StoreFileScanner.reseekAtOrAfter(HFileScanner, KeyValue) line: 151
      StoreFileScanner.reseek(KeyValue) line: 110
      KeyValueHeap.reseek(KeyValue) line: 255
      StoreScanner.reseek(KeyValue) line: 409
      StoreScanner.next(List<KeyValue>, int) line: 304
      KeyValueHeap.next(List<KeyValue>, int) line: 114
      KeyValueHeap.next(List<KeyValue>) line: 143
      HRegion$RegionScannerImpl.nextRow(byte[]) line: 2774
      HRegion$RegionScannerImpl.nextInternal(int) line: 2722
      HRegion$RegionScannerImpl.next(List<KeyValue>, int) line: 2682
      HRegion$RegionScannerImpl.next(List<KeyValue>) line: 2699
      HRegionServer.next(long, int) line: 2092

      Every scanner.next causes a reseek, which eventually causes a call to HFileBlockIndex$BlockIndexReader.seekToDataBlock(...) at which point the cacheBlocks information is lost. HFileReaderV2.readBlockData calls HFileReaderV2.readBlock with cacheBlocks set unconditionally to true.

      The fix is not immediately clear, unless we want to pass cacheBlocks to HFileBlockIndex$BlockIndexReader.seekToDataBlock and then on to HFileBlock.BasicReader.readBlockData and all its implementers, which is ugly as readBlockData should not care about caching.

      Avoiding caching during scans is somewhat important for us.


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