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Our jruby jar has *GPL jars in it; fix


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    • Fix Version/s: 0.92.0
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      The lads over in jruby land say 1.6RC2 should have the licensing fixup. Lets get it into TRUNK when ready. I don't think this a 0.90.x issue. Moving it out.


      The latest JRuby's complete jar bundles *GPL jars (JNA and JFFI among others). It looks like the functionality we depend on – the shell in particular – makes use of these dirty jars so they are hard to strip. They came in because we (I!) just updated our JRuby w/o checking in on what updates contained. JRuby has been doing this for a while now (1.1.x added the first LGPL). You have to go all the ways back to the original HBase checkin, HBASE-487, of JRuby – 1.0.3 – to get a JRuby w/o *GPL jars.

      Plan is to try and revert our JRuby all the ways down to 1.0.3 before shipping 0.90.0. Thats what this issue is about.

      We should also look into moving off JRuby in the medium to long-term. Its kinda awkward sticking on an old version that is no longer supported. I'll open an issue for that.




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