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Super Split Meta

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      Currently, the hbase:meta Table is made of one Region only. It is not splittable. We would like to make it so the hbase:meta table can be split just as we for user-space tables as they grow in size.

      Why split the hbase:meta table?

      A single Region hbase:meta Table hotspots as cluster size grows. At extreme, hotspotting brings on special-casing with deploys dedicating nodes solely to the hosting of the single hbase:meta Region to better carry the higher load (but also to isolate hbase:meta if heavily trafficked neighbor Regions). Splitting, currently disallowed, will enable distributing the hbase:meta Table Regions, and thereby load, across the cluster. A splittable hbase:meta table will also alleviate concerns enlarging the hbase:meta table whether by adding more meta data per Region entry – e.g. keeping the list of Region HFiles in the hbase:meta table – or running with more, smaller Regions rather than a few large Regions.

      This is not the first issue to concern itself with meta splitting (HBASE-11288, HBASE-24950). By aggreement. – see the base of HBASE-11288 – this issue supplants all previous JIRAs and design efforts. It is a reset. We start by listing requirements in the attached Super Split Meta Design.


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