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Scaling: Too many open file handles to datanodes


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      We've been here before (HADOOP-2341).

      Today the rapleaf gave me an lsof listing from a regionserver. Had thousands of open sockets to datanodes all in ESTABLISHED and CLOSE_WAIT state. On average they seem to have about ten file descriptors/sockets open per region (They have 3 column families IIRC. Per family, can have between 1-5 or so mapfiles open per family – 3 is max... but compacting we open a new one, etc.).

      They have thousands of regions. 400 regions – ~100G, which is not that much – takes about 4k open file handles.

      If they want a regionserver to server a decent disk worths – 300-400G – then thats maybe 1600 regions... 16k file handles. If more than just 3 column families..... then we are in danger of blowing out limits if they are 32k.

      We've been here before with HADOOP-2341.

      A dfsclient that used non-blocking i/o would help applications like hbase (The datanode doesn't have this problem as bad – CLOSE_WAIT on regionserver side, the bulk of the open fds in the rapleaf log, don't have a corresponding open resource on datanode end).

      Could also just open mapfiles as needed, but that'd kill our random read performance and its bad enough already.

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