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HBase server doesn't preserve SASL sequence number on the network



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.1.2
    • Fix Version/s: 1.5.0, 1.3.6, 1.4.11
    • Component/s: regionserver
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      When auth-conf is enabled on RPC, the server encrypt response in setReponse() using saslServer. The generated cryptogram included a sequence number manage by saslServer. But then, when the response is sent over the network, the sequence number order is not preserved.

      The client receives reply in the wrong order, leading to a log message from DigestMD5Base:

      sasl:1481  - DIGEST41:Unmatched MACs

      Then the message is discarded, leading the client to a timeout.

      I propose a fix here: https://github.com/sbarnoud/hbase-release/commit/ce9894ffe0e4039deecd1ed51fa135f64b311d41

      It seems that any HBase 1.x is affected.

      This part of code has been fully rewritten in HBase 2.x, and i haven't do the analysis on HBase 2.x which may be affected.


      Here, an extract of client log that i added to help me to understand:

      2019-05-28 12:53:48,644 DEBUG [Default-IPC-NioEventLoopGroup-1-32] NettyRpcDuplexHandler:80  - callId: 5846 / -> dtltstap004.fr.world.socgen/
      2019-05-28 12:53:48,651 INFO  [Default-IPC-NioEventLoopGroup-1-18] NioEventLoop:101  - SG: Channel ready to read 1315913615 unsafe 1493023957 / -> dtltstap008.fr.world.socgen/
      2019-05-28 12:53:48,651 INFO  [Default-IPC-NioEventLoopGroup-1-18] SaslUnwrapHandler:78  - SG: after unwrap:46 -> 29 for / -> dtltstap008.fr.world.socgen/ seqNum 150
      2019-05-28 12:53:48,652 DEBUG [Default-IPC-NioEventLoopGroup-1-18] NettyRpcDuplexHandler:192  - callId: 5801 received totalSize:25 Message:20 scannerSize:(null)/ -> dtltstap008.fr.world.socgen/
      2019-05-28 12:53:48,652 INFO  [Default-IPC-NioEventLoopGroup-1-18] sasl:1481  - DIGEST41:Unmatched MACs
      2019-05-28 12:53:48,652 WARN  [Default-IPC-NioEventLoopGroup-1-18] SaslUnwrapHandler:70  - Sasl error (probably invalid MAC) detected for / -> dtltstap008.fr.world.socgen/ saslClient @4ac31121 ctx @14fb001d msg @140313192718406 len 118 data:1c^G?^P?3??h?k??????"??x?$^_??^D;^]7^Es??Em?c?w^R^BL?????????x??omG?z?I???45}???dE?^\^S>D?^????/4f?^^?? ?^E????d?????????D?kM^@^A^@^@^@? readerIndex 118 writerIndex 118 seqNum 152

       We can see that the client unwraps the Sasl message with sequence number 152 before sequence number 151 and fails with the unmatched MAC.


      I opened a case to Oracle because we should had an error (and not the message ignored). That's because the JDK doesn't controls integrity in the right way.


      The actual JDK controls the HMac before the sequence number and hides the real error (bad sequence number) because SASL is stateful. The JDK should check FIRST the sequence number and THEN the HMac.

      When (and if) the JDK will be patched, and accordingly to https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2831.txt , we will get an exception in that case instead of having the message ignored.




        1. HBASE-22492.003.branch-1.patch
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          Sébastien BARNOUD
        3. HBASE-22492.001.branch-1.patch
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          Sébastien BARNOUD

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