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Fix results contract (If row has no results, return null, if Result has no results return null or empty Sets and Arrays?)


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      Make sure we are consistent regards results contract. As jgray says:

      17:47 < jgray> decisions are things like, if the result is empty do we return nulls or do we return empty 
                     lists/0-length arrays
      17:47 < jgray> if result is empty, do we return null for row?
      17:47 < jgray> and if row is the null row, we then return zero-length byte[0]
      17:48 < St^Ack_> So, if row is empty, we return null (I believe)
      17:48 < jgray> yes
      17:49 < St^Ack_> If you have a result, up to this, if empty, it would not return null stuff.
      17:49 < jgray> no it did return null stuff
      17:49 < jgray> at least many of them did
      17:49 < St^Ack_> oh.. ok.
      17:49 < jgray> but then my result delayed deserialization broke that on one case
      17:49 < St^Ack_> I thought I'd added it w/ 1836?
      17:49 < jgray> yeah u fixed what i broke, i think
      17:50 < jgray> but we should nail down the contract, specify what it is in javadoc, and add unit tests to verify such

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