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Fix AssgnmentManagerTmpl.jamon issues (coloring, content etc.)



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      The template for the RIT in the Master status page, AssignmentManagerTmpl.jamon) has a few issues:

      • The oldest RIT should not be red, looks like a failed entry
        The RIT entries should be for example yellow/amber when over the threshold time, and red if 2x the threshold - or red for the oldest once over the threshold.
      • Region count over RIT threshold should only be colored if > 0
        The summary line (first of two) should not be colored unless there is a value > 0 in it.
      • Color is overriden by table-stripped CSS style!
        The Bootstrap stylesheet cancels out the hardcoded coloring! The table-stripped resets the conditional coloring and should be fixed. Best is to use "alert-warning" etc. that come from the Bootstrap theme stylesheet. That should maybe already work in combination with the "table-stripped" from the same.
      • Should sort descending by time
        Currently the list of regions is sorted by encoded region name. Better is to have the table sorted by RIT time descending.

      We should also think about a pagination option for the currently hardcoded 100 entries max. Maybe a separate issue?


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