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TestRegionServerReportForDuty can be flaky: hang or timeout



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      This test case is from HBASE-13317.
      The test uses a custom region server to simulate reportForDuty in a master failover case. This custom RS would start, then the primary master would fail, then the custom RS would reportForDuty to the second master after master failover.

      The test occasionally will hang or timeout.
      The root cause is that during first master initialization, the master would assign meta (and create and assign namespace table). It is possible that the meta is assigned to the custom RS, which has started (place a rs node on the ZK), but will not really check-in and be online. Then the master will go thru multiple re-assignment, which can be lengthy and cause trouble.

      There are a couple of issues I see in the master assignment code:
      1. Master puts all the region servers obtained from ZK rs node into the online server list, including those that have not checked-in via RPC. And we will assign meta or other regions based on whole list.
      2. When one assign plan fails, we don't exclude the failed server when picking the next destination, which may prolong the assignment process.

      I will provide a patch to fix the test case. The other issues mentioned are up to discussion.


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