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Apache HAWQ


Component Lead Description
Ambari adenisso Alexander Denissov HAWQ Ambari integration
Backup & restore Backup & restore
Build Makefiles and build issues
Catalog src/backend/catalog & src/backend/utils/cache - Database Catalog & Metadata
Command Line Tools tools/bin - Command Line Tools
Core Applying to the project as a whole rather than a specific component
DDL src/backend/commands - Database Definition Language
Dispatcher Query dispatcher
Documentation dyozie David Yozie Including Wiki, README's etc
External Tables src/backend/access/external
Fault Tolerance Fault Tolerance
Interconnect HAWQ Interconnect
libhdfs HDFS connectivity shim
libyarn depends/libyarn - YARN connectivity shim
Metadata Versioning venky Venkatesh Ramachandran src/backend/utils/mdver - Metadata versioning cache
Metrics - monitoring Metrics - monitoring
Optimizer venky Venkatesh Ramachandran src/backend/optimizer - Query Optimizer
Parser lei_chang Lei Chang src/backend/parser - Query Parser
Planner lei_chang Lei Chang Query Planner
PXF vVineet Vineet Goel pxf - the HAWQ Extension Framework
Query Execution lei_chang Lei Chang src/backend/executor - Query Execution
Resource Manager src/backend/resourcemanager - Resource Manager
Security authorization & authentication
Standby master Standby master
Storage src/backend/storage src/backend/access - Database Storage
Tests jyao Jiali Yao src/test - Test Suites
Transaction Database transaction
Unknown Component not yet identified
Upgrade Upgrade