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Contribution of code and unit tests for jndi, logging, prefs and sql plus unit tests only for beans, crypto, math, regex and security


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      Zip file containing implementation and unit test code for the following Harmony
      components :

      • jndi
      • logging
      • prefs
      • sql

      In addition there is unit test code only for the following Harmony components :

      • beans
      • crypto
      • math
      • regex
      • security

      The contents of this zip have been laid out with the current classlib directory
      structure of the Apache Harmony SVN repository in mind. A version of
      enhanced/classlib/trunk/make/build-java.xml is included containing new Ant
      targets to compile the new implementation plus tests code, and then run the

      Native code, plus makefiles are included to build a shared library that is
      required to support the prefs implementation on the win.IA32 platform.

      Not all of the unit test classes are capable of being compiled when the Ant
      target "compile-tests" in <EXTRACT_DIR>/Harmony/make/build-java.xml is run. This
      is because the current contents of the Harmony trunk do not satisfy all of the
      dependencies of some classes. This issue affects the unit test code for the
      following set of components ...

      • beans (needs beans implementation in trunk)
      • crypto (needs crypto implementation in trunk)
      • logging (needs beans implementation in trunk)
      • jndi (needs applet implementation in trunk)
      • sql (needs rmi implementation in trunk)

      As a temporary measure, the lines of Ant script in
      <EXTRACT_DIR>/Harmony/make/build-java.xml that compile the above test code
      have been commented out with explanations.


        1. 01.crypto.and.security.test.integration.sh
          2 kB
          Mark Hindess
        2. 01.harmony.88.integration.sh
          3 kB
          Mark Hindess
        3. 01.harmony.88.integration.sh
          3 kB
          Mark Hindess
        4. 02.crypto.and.security.test.integration.diff
          50 kB
          Mark Hindess
        5. 02.harmony.88.integration.diff
          21 kB
          Mark Hindess
        6. 02.harmony.88.integration.diff
          21 kB
          Mark Hindess
        7. Harmony-Contribution.zip
          1.14 MB
          George Harley

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