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      Dear friends at ASF,

      Here is a contribution to the Harmony project of a basic Java
      Virtual Machine entitled the "Apache Harmony Bootstrap JVM."
      It is my hope that this implementation of a JVM will spur
      significant discussions to "bootstrap" the core architectural
      component designs for the Harmony JVM component(s), whether
      or not this particular code is used in any of them. I also
      hope it will provide a substantial learning experience for
      those who are not acquainted with the way a JVM does or could
      work. Finally, I hope that this program might serve as a
      "bootstrap" and for a runtime framework from which to start
      up what becomes the program code of one or more JVM's that
      the Harmony project ultimately produces. That is, if it has
      any functions that would help that process along, I would
      hope that at least part of the code might be usable in the
      final result(s). If any of these goals are met, then my
      purpose is accomplished. In any event, here 'tis. Enjoy.

      Dan Lydick
      September 30, 2005

      Please see the file 'harmony/bootJVM/README' to learn what
      is contained in this program, including the design goals
      and rationale for its implementation.

      Two distribution files are included. The first contains the
      entire documentation suite in ready-to-read form. The second
      is the source distribution that also contains this same
      documentation, but which is not readily accessible until
      after configuration.

      Both are provided as .tar.gz files. To read the documentation in
      either Unix man, TeX, or as HTML, follow portions of this procedure.
      A 'harmony/bootJVM-0.0.0' directory will be created:

      $ cat bootJVM-doc-0.0.0.tar.gz | gunzip | tar xf -

      $ setenv MANPATH=`pwd`/harmony/bootJVM-0.0.0/doc.ORIG/man
      $ man -s 3 jvm.c
      $ man -s 3 README
      $ man -s 3 INSTALL

      $ info `pwd`/harmony/bootJVM-0.0.0/doc.ORIG/latex/index.tex

      $ # Web browser entry: `pwd`/harmony/bootJVM-0.0.0/doc.ORIG/html/index.html

      The documentation is also found in XML and RTF format in the 'doc.ORIG'

      To unpack the source distribution, follow this procedure. A 'harmony-bootJVM'
      directory will be created:

      $ cat bootJVM-src-0.0.0.tar.gz | gunzip | tar xf -
      $ cd harmony/bootJVM
      $ more INSTALL

      Follow the installation procedure from there.



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