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      Changes since:

      -GrantEntryEditFormDialog to view/edit grant entries.
      -LAEFormDialog: ListAndEditPanels can now obtain a LAEFormDialog to create forms if its edit action was "fired".
      The created form is LAE aware, knows about the visualization list, and will update it in case of changes.
      -Some more common operations from concrete form dialog classes have been relocated to the BaseFormDialog.
      (For example: prepareForDisplay() along with declaring buildGUI(), and finishSuccessfulEdit())
      -Changed mnemonics in case of multiple ListAndEdit components in same dialog
      -GrantEntries now can be added, edited, removed from the the GUI.
      -new feature: multiple selected entires can be removed (the original policytool can only have 1 selected item)
      -PrincipalEditFormDialog to view/edit the principles of grant entries
      -Principals now can be added, edited, removed from the the GUI.

      Known issues/bugs:
      -attempting to add Permission to a policy entry will result in NullPointerException.
      Reason: simply not yet implemented.
      -If we edit a policy entry, edit one of its principals, we click ok, then we click cancel on the policy entry dialog, then the changes made on the principal dialog will be permanent.
      Solution: we need a working copy of principals until we click ok on the policy entry dialog.


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