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      After HAMA-521 is done, we can add a spilling queue which just holds the messages in RAM that fit into the heap space. The rest can be flushed to disk.
      We may call this a HybridQueue or something like that.

      The benefits should be that we don't have to flush to disk so often and get faster. However we may have more GC so it is always overall faster.

      The requirements for this queue also include:

      • The message object once written to the queue (after returning from the write call) could be modified, but the changes should not be reflected in the messages stored in the queue.
      • For now let's implement a queue that does not support concurrent reading and writing. This feature is needed when we implement asynchronous communication.


        1. HAMA-559.patch-v4
          69 kB
          Suraj Menon
        2. HAMA-559.patch-v2
          52 kB
          Suraj Menon
        3. spillbench_code.tar.gz
          17 kB
          Suraj Menon
        4. spilling_buffer_profile_LOCK.JPG
          20 kB
          Thomas Jungblut
        5. SpillingBufferProfile-2012-10-27.snapshot
          620 kB
          Thomas Jungblut
        6. spilling_buffer_profile_writeUTF.png
          142 kB
          Suraj Menon
        7. spilling_buffer_profile_cpugraph_writeUTF.png
          131 kB
          Suraj Menon
        8. spillingbuffer_profile_cpu_writeUTF.png
          128 kB
          Suraj Menon
        9. spilling_buffer_profile_timesplit_text_write.png
          192 kB
          Suraj Menon
        10. spilling_buffer_profile_cpu_graph_test_write.png
          131 kB
          Suraj Menon
        11. spilling_buffer_cpu_usage_text_write.png
          136 kB
          Suraj Menon
        12. HAMA-559.patch-v1
          34 kB
          Suraj Menon

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