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Add access to remote memory (BSP_GET,BSP_PUT)


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      bsp_get and bsp_put are integral parts of the BSP computing model.
      They are defined as follows:

      bsp_get [1]

      The bsp_get(3) and bsp_hpget(3) operations reach into the
      local memory of another process and copy previously
      registered remote data held there into a data structure in
      the local memory of the process that initiated them.

      bsp_put [2]

      The aim of bsp_put(3) and bsp_hpput(3) is to provide an
      operation akin memcpy(3C) available in the Unix <string.h>
      library. Both operations copy a specified number of bytes,
      from a byte addressed data structure in the local memory of
      one process into contiguous memory locations in the local
      memory of another process. The distinguishing factor between
      these operations is provided by the buffering choice.

      A very simple implementation can be based on a HashMap on every peer which can be obtained via RPC.
      In this case we need to extend the MessageManager to be able to do off-the-band communication.
      It would be great to extract a common interface which can be inter-operable with other caching tools like DirectMemory or EHCache.

      [1] http://www.bsp-worldwide.org/implmnts/oxtool/man/bsp_get.3.html
      [2] http://www.bsp-worldwide.org/implmnts/oxtool/man/bsp_put.3.html

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