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Shell may remove a file without going to trash even if skipTrash is not enabled



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      Delete.java contains the following comment:

      // TODO: if the user wants the trash to be used but there is any
      // problem (ie. creating the trash dir, moving the item to be deleted,
      // etc), then the path will just be deleted because moveToTrash returns
      // false and it falls thru to fs.delete.  this doesn't seem right

      If Trash#moveToAppropriateTrash returns false FsShell will delete the path even if skipTrash is not enabled. The comment isn't quite right as some of these failure scenarios result in exceptions not a false return value, and in the case of an exception we don't unconditionally delete the path. TrashPolicy#moveToTrash states that it only returns false if the item is already in the trash or trash is disabled, and the expected behavior for these cases is to just delete the path. However TrashPolicyDefault#moveToTrash also returns false if there's a problem creating the trash directory, so for this case I think we should throw an exception rather than return false (and delete the path bypassing trash).

      I also question the behavior of just deleting when the item is already in the trash as it may have changed since previously put in the trash and not been checkpointed yet. Seems like in this case we should move it to trash but with a file name suffix.


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