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Improved tries in TotalOrderPartitioner to eliminate large leaf nodes.



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      With the old technology, if a particular node in the trie has many children that contain no split points, TotalOrderPartitioner creates a separate empty leaf node for each one. This takes a lot of space, which in turn limits the depth to which we can grow these trees to avoid making too many sparse nodes, so there is a parameter that defaults to 2 to control the depth. With this patch, I can guarantee that each split point will create only three trie nodes in the trie: an empty one, a leaf that contains only one split point, and the internal nodes as needed, for a total space of perhaps 50-200 bytes per split point, even if the entire trie is elaborated. There are pathological cases that can cause a recursion overflow during creation, so i have set the default tree max depth to 200, but I expect almost all tries to be fully elaborated, which means in turn that each byte of the sought key gets touched at most twice.


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