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Text constructure can throw exception



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      I finally got back around to moving my working code to using Text objects.

      And, once again, switching to Text (from UTF8) means my jobs are failing. This time, its better defined - constructing a Text from a string extracted from Real World data makes the Text object constructor throw a CharacterCodingException. This may be legit - I don't actually understand UTF well enough to understand what's wrong with the supplied string. I'm assembling a series of strings, some of which are user-supplied, and something causes the Text constructor to barf.

      However, this is still completely unacceptable. If I need to stuff textual data someplace - I need the container to do it. If user-supplied inputs can't be stored as a "UTF" aware text value, then another container needs to be brought into existence. Sure, I can use a BytesWritable, but, as its name implies - Text should handle "text". If Text is supposed to == "StringWritable", then, well, it doesn't, yet.

      I admit to being a few weeks' back in the bleeding edge at this point, so maybe my particluar Text bug has been fixed, though the only fixes to Text I see are adopting it into more of the internals of Hadoop. This argument goes double in that case - if we're using Text objects internally, it should really be a totally solid object - construct one from a String, get one back, but never throw a content-related Exception. Or, if Text is not the right object because its data-sensitive, then I argue we shouldn't use it in any case where data might kill it - internal, or anywhere else (by default).

      Please, don't remove UTF8, for now.


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