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distcp defeciencies and bugs



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      distcp as currently implemented has several defeciencies and bugs which I encountered when trying to use it to import logs from HTTP servers into my local DFS cluster. In general, it is user unfriendly and does not do comprehensible error reporting.
      Here's a list of things that can be improved:

      1) There isn't a man page that explains the various command line options. We should have one.
      2) Malformed URLs cause a NullPointerException to be thrown with no error message stating what went wrong
      3) Relative paths for the local filesystem are not handled at all
      4) The schema used for HDFS URLs is dfs:// it ought to be hdfs://, 'dfs' is far to general an acronym to use in URLs
      5) If a copy to the local filesystem is specified with a relative path, for instance
      ./bin/hadoop distcp dfs://localhost:8020/foo.txt foo.txt
      then the job runs successfully but the file is nowhere to be seen. It looks like this gets copied to the map/reduce jobs
      current working directory
      6) If a copy to a dfs is specified and the namenode cannot be resolved, the job fails with an IOException, no comprehensible error message is printed
      7) If an HTTP URI has a query component, it is disregarded when constructing the destination file name, for instance, if one specifies the following two URLs to be copied in a file list

      a single file called 'files.cgi' is created and is overwritten by one or both source files, it's not clear which. The destination
      path name should be constructed in the way that 'wget' does it, using the filename+query part of the URL, escaping characters as necessary.

      8) It looks like if a list of URLs is specified in a file distcp runs a separate map reduce job for each entry in the file, why?
      Seems like one could do a straight copy for local files since the task needs to run locally, followed by a single MR job that
      copies HDFS and http URLs


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