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Mappers fail easily due to repeated failures



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      Related to HADOOP-2220, problem introduced in HADOOP-1158

      At this scale hardcoding the number of fetch failures to a static number: in this case 3 is never going to work. Although the jobs we are running are loading the systems 3 failures can randomly occur within the lifetime of a map. Even fetching the data can cause enough load for so many failures to occur.

      We believe that number of tasks and size of cluster should be taken into account. Based on which we believe that a ratio between total fetch attempts and total failed attempts should be taken into consideration.

      Given our experience with a task should be declared "Too many fetch failures" based on:

      failures > n /could be 3/ && (failures/total attempts) > k% /could be 30-40%/

      Basically the first factor is to give some headstart to the second factor, second factor then takes into account the cluster size and the task size.

      Additionally we could take recency into account, say failures and attempts in last one hour. We do not want to make it too small.


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