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S3 public test bucket landsat-pds unreadable -needs replacement




      The s3 test bucket used in hadoop-aws tests of S3 select and large file reads is no longer publicly accessible

      java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: landsat-pds: getBucketMetadata() on landsat-pds: software.amazon.awssdk.services.s3.model.S3Exception: null (Service: S3, Status Code: 403, Request ID: 06QNYQ9GND5STQ2S, Extended Request ID: O+u2Y1MrCQuuSYGKRAWHj/5LcDLuaFS8owNuXXWSJ0zFXYfuCaTVLEP351S/umti558eKlUqV6U=):null
      • Because HADOOP-18830 has cut s3 select, all we need in 3.4.1+ is a large file for some reading tests
      • changing the default value disables s3 select tests on older releases
      • if fs.s3a.scale.test.csvfile is set to " " then other tests which need it will be skipped


      • we locate a new large file under the (requester pays) s3a://usgs-landsat/ bucket . All releases with HADOOP-18168 can use this
      • update 3.4.1 source to use this; document it
      • do something similar for 3.3.9 + maybe even cut s3 select there too.
      • document how to use it on older releases with requester-pays support
      • document how to completely disable it on older releases.

      How to fix (most) landsat test failures on older releases

      add this to your auth-keys.xml file. Expect some failures in a few tests with-hardcoded references to the bucket (assumed role delegation tokens)

          <description>file used in scale tests</description>
          <description>Don't try to purge uploads in the read-only bucket, as
          it will only create log noise.</description>
          <description>Let's postpone existence checks to the first IO operation </description>
          <description>Do not add the referrer header</description>
          <description>Use a small prefetch size so tests fetch multiple blocks</description>

      Some delegation token tests will still fail; these have hard-coded references to the old bucket. Do not worry about these

      [ERROR]   ITestDelegatedMRJob.testJobSubmissionCollectsTokens[0] » AccessDenied s3a://la...
      [ERROR]   ITestDelegatedMRJob.testJobSubmissionCollectsTokens[1] » AccessDenied s3a://la...
      [ERROR]   ITestDelegatedMRJob.testJobSubmissionCollectsTokens[2] » AccessDenied s3a://la...
      [ERROR]   ITestRoleDelegationInFilesystem>ITestSessionDelegationInFilesystem.testDelegatedFileSystem:347->ITestSessionDelegationInFilesystem.readLandsatMetadata:614 » AccessDenied
      [ERROR]   ITestSessionDelegationInFilesystem.testDelegatedFileSystem:347->readLandsatMetadata:614 » AccessDenied


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