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[JDK11] Track failing Hadoop unit tests



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      Although there are still a lot of work before we could compile Hadoop with JDK 11 (HADOOP-15338), it is possible to compile Hadoop with JDK 8 and run (e.g. HDFS NN/DN,YARN NM/RM) on JDK 11 at this moment.

      But after compiling branch-3.1.2 with JDK 8, I ran unit tests with JDK 11 and there are a LOT of unit test failures (44 out of 96 maven projects contain at least one unit test failures according to maven reactor summary). This may well indicate some functionalities are actually broken on JDK 11. Some of them already have a jira number. Some of them might have been fixed in 3.2.0. Some of them might share the same root cause.

      By definition, this jira should be part of HADOOP-15338. But the goal of this one is just to keep track of unit test failures and (hopefully) resolve all of them soon.


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