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Create hadoop/ozone docker images with inline build process



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      This is proposed by Eric Yang in this mailing thread.

      1, 3. There are 38 Apache projects hosting docker images on Docker hub using Apache Organization. By browsing Apache github mirror. There are only 7 projects using a separate repository for docker image build. Popular projects official images are not from Apache organization, such as zookeeper, tomcat, httpd. We may not disrupt what other Apache projects are doing, but it looks like inline build process is widely employed by majority of projects such as Nifi, Brooklyn, thrift, karaf, syncope and others. The situation seems a bit chaotic for Apache as a whole. However, Hadoop community can decide what is best for Hadoop. My preference is to remove ozone from source tree naming, if Ozone is intended to be subproject of Hadoop for long period of time. This enables Hadoop community to host docker images for various subproject without having to check out several source tree to trigger a grand build. However, inline build process seems more popular than separated process. Hence, I highly recommend making docker build inline if possible.

      The main challenges are also discussed in the thread:

      3. Technically it would be possible to add the Dockerfile to the source
      tree and publish the docker image together with the release by the
      release manager but it's also problematic:

      a) there is no easy way to stage the images for the vote
      c) it couldn't be flagged as automated on dockerhub
      d) It couldn't support the critical updates.

      • Updating existing images (for example in case of an ssl bug, rebuild
        all the existing images with exactly the same payload but updated base
        image/os environment)
      • Creating image for older releases (We would like to provide images,
        for hadoop 2.6/2.7/2.7/2.8/2.9. Especially for doing automatic testing
        with different versions).

      The a) can be solved (as Eric Yang suggested) with using a personal docker image during the vote and publish it to the dockerhub after the vote (in case the permission can be set by the INFRA)

      Note: based on LEGAL-270 and linked discussion both approaches (inline build process / external build process) are compatible with the apache release.

      Note: HDDS-851 and HADOOP-14898 contains more information about these problems.


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