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Add FileSystem builder-based openFile() API to match createFile(); S3A to implement S3 Select through this API.

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    • 3.2.0
    • 3.3.0
    • fs, fs/azure, fs/s3
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      Replicate HDFS-1170 and HADOOP-14365 with an API to open files.

      A key requirement of this is not HDFS, it's to put in the fadvise policy for working with object stores, where getting the decision to do a full GET and TCP abort on seek vs smaller GETs is fundamentally different: the wrong option can cost you minutes. S3A and Azure both have adaptive policies now (first backward seek), but they still don't do it that well.

      Columnar formats (ORC, Parquet) should be able to say "fs.input.fadvise" "random" as an option when they open files; I can imagine other options too.

      The Builder model of Lei (Eddy) Xu is the one to mimic, method for method. Ideally with as much code reuse as possible


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