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DistCp may incorrectly return success status when the underlying Job failed



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      I was troubleshooting HBASE-14450 where at the end of BackupdistCp#execute(), distcp job was marked unsuccessful (BackupdistCp is a wrapper of DistCp).
      Yet in IncrementalTableBackupProcedure#incrementalCopy(), the return value from copyService.copy() was 0.

      Here is related code from DistCp:

          try {
          } catch (InvalidInputException e) {
            LOG.error("Invalid input: ", e);
            return DistCpConstants.INVALID_ARGUMENT;
          } catch (DuplicateFileException e) {
            LOG.error("Duplicate files in input path: ", e);
            return DistCpConstants.DUPLICATE_INPUT;
          } catch (AclsNotSupportedException e) {
            LOG.error("ACLs not supported on at least one file system: ", e);
            return DistCpConstants.ACLS_NOT_SUPPORTED;
          } catch (XAttrsNotSupportedException e) {
            LOG.error("XAttrs not supported on at least one file system: ", e);
            return DistCpConstants.XATTRS_NOT_SUPPORTED;
          } catch (Exception e) {
            LOG.error("Exception encountered ", e);
            return DistCpConstants.UNKNOWN_ERROR;
          return DistCpConstants.SUCCESS;

      We don't check whether the Job returned by execute() was successful - we rely on all failure cases going through the last catch clause but there may be special case.
      Even if the Job fails, DistCpConstants.SUCCESS is returned.


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