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Deprecate RPC#waitForProxy and cleanup

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      Copied comment from HADOOP-12579:

      RPC#waitForProxy method family may also be deprecated, considering:
      We probably never need to wait, giving current available engines. The proxy can be created and returned on demand shortly. No network connection is incurred.
      In the real implementation codes of waitForProtocolProxy, it uses a while loop to try and try until a passed timeout value is consumed. I guess the logic and codes were from early days of the project? Because no connection is made during the proxy creating and initializing. The real network connection is only made when the invoker is invoked and a RPC call is called.
      Most places call RPC#getProxy already.
      Not sure to remove these, considering codes out of Hadoop might call them. But deprecate them should be fine and change the implementation removing the while loop and timeout stuffs.

      As Steve Loughran commented, considering there may be downstream applications that call the APIs, better just to deprecate them even they're obsolete now.


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