Component Lead Description
Documentation All documentation, including the website and manual
guacamole The web application
guacamole-auth-duo Duo two-factor authentication
guacamole-auth-header HTTP header authentication
guacamole-auth-jdbc The common base of all database authentication
guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql MySQL authentication
guacamole-auth-jdbc-postgresql PostgreSQL authentication
guacamole-auth-ldap LDAP authentication
guacamole-auth-noauth Extension for disabling authentication (DEPRECATED)
guacamole-client Web application and APIs
guacamole-common Java API
guacamole-common-js JavaScript API
guacamole-docker The Docker image of the Guacamole web application
guacamole-ext Extension API
guacamole-server Server components and libraries
guacd Proxy daemon
guacd-docker The Docker image of the Guacamole proxy daemon
guacenc Utility for translating Guacamole protocol dumps into video
libguac C API
RDP RDP support
SSH SSH support
Telnet Telnet support
Terminal The terminal emulator included with guacamole-server
VNC VNC support
Website The website of the Apache Guacamole project