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Additional RDP Connections failing



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.0.0
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      ubuntu 18.04 VM connecting to Windows 10 VM's via RDP


      I have a guacamole server running on Ubuntu 18.04 using MySql.


      I created an RDP connection to a Windows 10 client on a VM and properly configured Openssh and RDP on the Windows instance.  I  can connect with out issue and transfer files.  I created 2 clones of the image and reconfigured the hostnames and network but was unable to replicate the connection properties and successfully connect to either VM.  Original VM still works.

      I figured this was a windows issue with cloning the SID or something else related to cloning.  I created two new windows VM's and installed the OS from scratch on both.  Configure RDP and OpenSSH on both.  Successfully sftp'd files to both VM's.  Successfully RDP'd to both VM's with Remmina client.

      Created new connections to in guacamole from scratch and replicated settings from working connection.  Still cannot connect with guacamole.

      In catalina.out I get only this when I try to connect:

      20:53:27.315 [http-nio-8080-exec-10] INFO o.a.g.tunnel.TunnelRequestService - User "guacadmin" connected to connection "18".
      20:53:27.359 [http-nio-8080-exec-3] INFO o.a.g.tunnel.TunnelRequestService - User "guacadmin" disconnected from connection "18". Duration: 42 milliseconds
      Exception in thread "Thread-30" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Message will not be sent because the WebSocket session has been closed
      at org.apache.tomcat.websocket.WsRemoteEndpointImplBase.writeMessagePart(WsRemoteEndpointImplBase.java:425)
      at org.apache.tomcat.websocket.WsRemoteEndpointImplBase.sendMessageBlock(WsRemoteEndpointImplBase.java:309)
      at org.apache.tomcat.websocket.WsRemoteEndpointImplBase.sendMessageBlock(WsRemoteEndpointImplBase.java:250)
      at org.apache.tomcat.websocket.WsRemoteEndpointImplBase.sendString(WsRemoteEndpointImplBase.java:191)
      at org.apache.tomcat.websocket.WsRemoteEndpointBasic.sendText(WsRemoteEndpointBasic.java:37)
      at org.apache.guacamole.websocket.GuacamoleWebSocketTunnelEndpoint.sendInstruction(GuacamoleWebSocketTunnelEndpoint.java:152)
      at org.apache.guacamole.websocket.GuacamoleWebSocketTunnelEndpoint.access$200(GuacamoleWebSocketTunnelEndpoint.java:53)
      at org.apache.guacamole.websocket.GuacamoleWebSocketTunnelEndpoint$2.run(GuacamoleWebSocketTunnelEndpoint.java:253)



      In syslog I get this:

      Jan 20 20:53:27 pve-guacamole guacd[263]: Connection ID is "$caef2d52-60e0-4d83-baae-f01c26d40cca"
      Jan 20 20:53:27 pve-guacamole guacd[1253]: No security mode specified. Defaulting to RDP.
      Jan 20 20:53:27 pve-guacamole guacd[1253]: Resize method: none
      Jan 20 20:53:27 pve-guacamole guacd[1253]: User "@7cce0f0b-94fd-49d9-95cc-921a04bd6d13" joined connection "$caef2d52-60e0-4d83-baae-f01c26d40cca" (1 users now present)
      Jan 20 20:53:27 pve-guacamole guacd[1253]: Loading keymap "base"
      Jan 20 20:53:27 pve-guacamole guacd[1253]: Loading keymap "en-us-qwerty"
      Jan 20 20:53:27 pve-guacamole guacd[1253]: Error connecting to RDP server
      Jan 20 20:53:27 pve-guacamole guacd[1253]: User "@7cce0f0b-94fd-49d9-95cc-921a04bd6d13" disconnected (0 users remain)
      Jan 20 20:53:27 pve-guacamole guacd[1253]: Last user of connection "$caef2d52-60e0-4d83-baae-f01c26d40cca" disconnected
      Jan 20 20:53:27 pve-guacamole guacd[263]: Connection "$caef2d52-60e0-4d83-baae-f01c26d40cca" removed.


      It appears that guacamole is unable to create a second RDP connection after the first one was established.  I don't know if this is a caching issue or what but I cannot create a new working RDP session after the first one was established.  The original continues to work and is the only RDP connection that will work,  I have rebooted the guacamole server multiple times but the behavior is consistent.




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