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Ctrl+Alt+Shift menu call is incompatible with Alt+Shift keyboard layout swith on Linux



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 1.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: guacamole
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    • Environment:
      Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
      Firefox 70.0b2 and Chrome 77.0.3865.90


      The problem is that on Linux in case of such key-combo we receive "GroupNext" key instaead of "Shift".

      In Firefox the keydown event looks like this:

      keydown Alt-Control
      ​altKey: true
      ​bubbles: true
      ​cancelBubble: false
      ​cancelable: true
      ​charCode: 0
      ​code: "ShiftLeft"
      ​composed: true
      ​ctrlKey: true
      ​currentTarget: null
      ​defaultPrevented: false
      ​detail: 0
      ​eventPhase: 0
      ​explicitOriginalTarget: <body>
      ​isComposing: false
      ​isTrusted: true
      ​key: "GroupNext"
      ​keyCode: 16
      ​layerX: 0
      ​layerY: 0
      ​location: 0
      ​metaKey: false
      ​originalTarget: <body>
      ​rangeOffset: 0
      ​rangeParent: null
      ​repeat: false
      ​returnValue: true
      ​shiftKey: false
      ​srcElement: <body>
      ​target: <body>
      ​timeStamp: 2320832
      ​type: "keydown"
      ​view: Window about:blank
      ​which: 16
      ​<get isTrusted()>: function isTrusted()
      ​<prototype>: KeyboardEventPrototype { getModifierState: getModifierState(), initKeyboardEvent: initKeyboardEvent(), initKeyEvent: initKeyEvent(), ... }

      So I guess the most easy way to fix it could be to change the order here https://github.com/apache/guacamole-client/blob/9d485ffcf755e88cccf9a7aadc72911633277117/guacamole-common-js/src/main/webapp/modules/Keyboard.js#L249
      in the same way as in KeyupEvent.

      But unfortunately in Chrome we get keyCode == 0

      KeyboardEvent {isTrusted: true, key: "GroupNext", code: "ShiftLeft", location: 1, ctrlKey: true, ...}
      altKey: true
      bubbles: true
      cancelBubble: false
      cancelable: true
      charCode: 0
      code: "ShiftLeft"
      composed: true
      ctrlKey: true
      currentTarget: null
      defaultPrevented: false
      detail: 0
      eventPhase: 0
      isComposing: false
      isTrusted: true
      key: "GroupNext"
      keyCode: 0
      location: 1
      metaKey: false
      path: (4) [body.light-chip.inited, html, document, Window]
      repeat: false
      returnValue: true
      shiftKey: false
      sourceCapabilities: InputDeviceCapabilities {firesTouchEvents: false}
      srcElement: body.light-chip.inited
      target: body.light-chip.inited
      timeStamp: 9475.445000000036
      type: "keydown"
      view: Window {parent: Window, postMessage: ƒ, blur: ƒ, focus: ƒ, close: ƒ, ...}
      which: 0
      __proto__: KeyboardEvent

      So it looks like the only way to guess the real Shift key is event.code.





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