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X2go has an HTML5 Client - The FAQ for Guac says that's impossible



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      Apache Guacamole is a fantastic product because it brings all of your sessions to one centralized console- and it makes those connections accessible to a variety of client systems. This is fantastic and beats any local client (e.g. Remmina) if you have multiple sites and travel between them (because your client will need to go from local to remote IP if there isn't a VPN for example. It also beats local clients because there is no installation, there aren't multiple types of clients for various operating systems, etc.


      X2go is a highly improved remote desktop compared to VNC and the setup time required for X2go is under 1 minute on most Linux systems unlike VNC which can take tens of minutes and can be finicky to maintain. 


      The Apache Guacamole FAQ (https://guacamole.apache.org/faq/#support-x2go) claims that supporting X2go would be complicated. However, there is a working open source X2go HTML 5 client available that could be ported into Apache Guacamole. In addition to this, X2go is open source via GPL and AGPL which I believe is compatible with Apache Guacamole but could be mistaken given Apache 2.0 License is less restrictive https://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/sources:start




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