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LDAP connection object "member" attribute does not allow groups



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      I've been away from the Guacamole project for a while but circled back round because I'm finding the official Microsoft HTML5 RDP client unreliable.

      Previously I had tried (and failed) to implement connection objects in LDAP (Active Directory to be specific) but I finally got them working and I can assign individual objects to individual members or lists of members. I cannot however, either by design or due to a bug, assign a group as a member to a connection object.

      Take this example from the wiki;

      dn: cn=Example Connection,ou=groups,dc=example,dc=net
      objectClass: guacConfigGroup
      objectClass: groupOfNames
      cn: Example Connection
      guacConfigProtocol: vnc
      guacConfigParameter: hostname=localhost
      guacConfigParameter: port=5900
      guacConfigParameter: password=secret
      member: cn=user1,ou=people,dc=example,dc=net
      member: cn=user2,ou=people,dc=example,dc=net

      The "member" attribute works with user accounts but I cannot get it to work with a group for which I know the distinguished name is correct and that my user is a member of, e.g.

      member: cn=Guacamole Users,dc=example,dc=net
      member: cn=Guacamole Admins,dc=example,dc=net

      Should this work? If not, is it something you could look at as a future enhancement?

      For my use case (and perhaps others if it was available) it would be great to assign connections to groups and then use the flexibility of LDAP/AD to assign those groups to users rather than having to amend the individual object for each new member.


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