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Fix up license header for ClassCompletionVerifier.java



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      This is to track the history for the above mentioned file for future JIRA searchability. During Apache incubation, we ran an automated tool to clean up license headers to conform with the latest version from Apache. However, we didn't switch on preservation of existing headers. We went and reverted/fixed the non-Apache licensed files. For the above file, I went to identify which parts of the file were under the original IBM CPL license and which bits had been subsequently contributed under Apache - to either identify the relevant pieces and note that in the header or split the pieces them into separate files with different license headers. I found that no consequential lines of code from the original contribution remained (i.e. just a couple of lines of boilerplate, e.g. the class name and one getter returning a field - and even those lines had been changed). So for this file we just used only the Apache license.

      Confirming with the author of the early content Jochen (blackdrag):

      Frankly I was not aware that the file had a CPL header at all. I made all my contributions under the Apache License assumption. The 6th commit to this file (done by me) is basically replacing all the logic from it. If I had been aware, I would have deleted the old file and made a new one.




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