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Change ProxyGenerator to use ASM based class generation instead of GroovyShell


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      The current way of generating proxies, for example when you convert a map to an object using the "as" keyword is highly inefficient. Generating a proxy for a concrete class, in that situation, is two orders of magnitude slower than generating a proxy for an interface with the JDK proxy mechanism.

      This can be improved in two way:

      • use ASM based class generation instead of creating a string which is converted to a class thanks to a GroovyShell
      • implement proxy class caching so that subsequent conversions of similar objects reuse the same generated class instead of always generating a new class

      The pull request (see comment) is such an implementation, which performs way better than the legacy version. For example, using the following script:

      interface Foo {}
      abstract class AbstractFoo {}
      abstract class SingleAbstract { abstract int foo() }
      def tests = [
      'mapAsInterface': { [:] as Foo },
      'mapAsAbstractClass': { i -> [:] as AbstractFoo },
      'mapWithOneMethodAsAbstractClass': { i -> ['foo': { i } ] as SingleAbstract }
      tests.each { name, test ->
           long sd = System.currentTimeMillis()
           1000.times { test(it) }
           long dur = System.currentTimeMillis()-sd
           println "$name: ${dur}ms"

      Groovy master shows:

      mapAsInterface: 3ms
      mapAsAbstractClass: 951ms
      mapWithOneMethodAsAbstractClass: 968ms

      with patch:

      mapAsInterface: 1ms
      mapAsAbstractClass: 8ms
      mapWithOneMethodAsAbstractClass: 8ms

      I'm using a pull request and adding a breaking label to this issue because even if all the unit tests pass, I suspect the test coverage is insufficient so I'd be keen for code review.




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