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YARN dependencies add a fair amount of size to the fat jar and may be subject to simplification



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      The hadoop_yarn profile requires some new package dependencies that the rest of our build does not. They add size to the build projects, and due to the fact that our YARN implementation "rides the fence" between the old API (for our ApplicationMaster) and the new API (for our Client) were "what worked for me at the time"

      on the Maven repos there are a number of "api" versions of some of these libs that are lighter weight. Someone (maybe me someday but not yet, sorry) could experiment with just replacing some of our current yarn reps in the Maven profile that "cast a very wide net" with a bunch of smaller, lighter weight packages that cover the same API we need. See also Maven repos and the YARN dependencies listed there.

      My very brief experiments with this didn't yield anything, but again I ran out of time and barely played with this before having other responsibilities take priority. Seems like this would not be hard to tune up and could be good for our build.




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