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New users "buy-in" hampered by inability to automatically rebuild sub-assemblies at runtime



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      Sizable population of current Tomcat, Jetty,
      OpenEJB, and ActiveMQ users will soon take a look at

      Unfortunately, they are very likely to walk away out of
      pure frustration

      The current usage model for these products are very similar
      to that of the Apache web server. A user can:

      1. change the config file, for example httpd.conf
      2. restart the server, for example ... via apachectl
      3. immediately try the new server in action

      This model allows for rapid revision/iteration
      during experimentation, debugging, and on-the-fly
      config rewrites.

      Unfortunately, attempting to do the same with
      their favourite server INSIDE Geronimo will
      (today) require:

      1. download of the entire Geronimo source base
      2. research and understand Maven
      3. research and understand SVN and CVS
      4. understand the Geronimo build process
      5. crossed digits during assorted build failures -
      out-of-sync repository, server lock-ups, etc
      6. days on end searching mailing list archives (if
      the search feature isn't still broken)
      7. endless hours lurking on the IRC
      8. days and days of wondering why he/she is doing it

      All of this is required to make a simple change
      that formerly equates to a text file edit
      and server restart.

      Somewhere between step 1 and 8 above, most sane
      user would have quit, disappointed.
      Not every server user aspires to become a
      server-system developer

      Even though this problems will likely go away once
      GUI admin/deployment/configuration tools
      and GUI assemblies-construction-kits become available,
      there is an obvious need to address the usability
      issue in the interim.


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