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javadocs describing PartitionRegion's local-max-memory misleading



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      The javadocs on for local-max-memory say: "the maximum amount of local memory that can be used by the Region". This is not true. The region can use more memory. The javadocs on PartitionAttributes.getLocalMaxMemory and PartitionAttributesFactory.setLocalMaxMemory should be improved. The geode docs do a better job of describing this feature. In most cases don't bother setting local-max-memory. In some rare cases you may want to set it to 0 so that certain server do not store any of the region's data. Here is the geode docs (I find it saying "set aside" confusing because Geode does not actually do that):

      Maximum megabytes of memory set aside for this region in the local member. This is all memory used for this partitioned region - for primary buckets and any redundant copies. This value must be smaller than the Java settings for the initial or maximum JVM heap. When the memory use goes above this value, Geode issues a warning, but operation continues. Besides setting the maximum memory to use for the member, this setting also tells Geode how to balance the load between members where the region is defined. For example, if one member sets this value to twice the value of another member’s setting, Geode works to keep the ratio between the first and the second at two-to-one, regardless of how little memory the region consumes. This is a local parameter that applies only to the local member. A value of 0 disables local data caching.




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