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server fails to notify of a ForcedDisconnect and fails to tear down the cache




      A test having auto-reconnect enabled failed while restarting a server and hung.  The restarting server was building its cache when it was kicked out of the cluster due to very high load on the test machine.  Membership initiated a forced-disconnect

      [fatal 2020/08/22 00:51:04.508 PDT <unicast receiver,rs-GEM-3035-PG2231-2a2i3large-hydra-client-25-42721> tid=0x23] Membership service failure: Member isn't responding to heartbeat requests
      org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.api.MemberDisconnectedException: Member isn't responding to heartbeat requests
              at org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.GMSMembership$ManagerImpl.forceDisconnect(GMSMembership.java:2012)
              at org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.membership.GMSJoinLeave.forceDisconnect(GMSJoinLeave.java:1085)
              at org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.membership.GMSJoinLeave.processMessage(GMSJoinLeave.java:688)
              at org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.messenger.JGroupsMessenger$JGroupsReceiver.receive(JGroupsMessenger.java:1331)
              at org.apache.geode.distributed.internal.membership.gms.messenger.JGroupsMessenger$JGroupsReceiver.receive(JGroupsMessenger.java:1267)


      and then logged that it was generating a description of the cache

      [info 2020/08/22 00:51:05.933 PDT <unicast receiver,rs-GEM-3035-PG2231-2a2i3large-hydra-client-25-42721> tid=0x23] generating XML to rebuild the cache after reconnect completes 


      but it never logged completion of this step and never forked a thread to tear down the cache.  Any exception thrown by XML generation would have been caught by JGroups code, which logs the problem at a WARNING level.  We have JGroups logging set to FATAL level so you wouldn't see the issue.

      We need to add exception handling around XML generation and, if detected, disable reconnect attempts and have the server shut down.

      The bug isn't easy to hit.  I've run the test that failed over 5000 times without encountering it.


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