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Allow for FunctionAttributes to be updated



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      AS A geode-native contributor
      I WANT TO to reset function attributes on-the-fly whenever a function attributes mismatch is detected on the client
      SO THAT FunctionAttributes can be changed during an upgrade scenario

      Additional information. Currently there is no exception being thrown from the server whenever a function attributes missmatch is detected. Instead, a function execution error is send to the client. So it remains to be tackled how the mismatch is going to be detected on the client side.

      Also, for additional context, this feature is designed in order to fulfill the following upgrade scenario:

      1. A server function called ExampleFunction is deployed inside a cluster. This server function is defined with isHA=false
      2. Function is executed several times from the client.
      3. After some time, a new version of ExampleFunction jar is deployed. The new version of the server function is defined with isHA=true
      4. After updating the server function, executions for this function inside the client should fail at most once, and after that, execute smoothly with the new function attributes.


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