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ComponentMetaInfoCollector 1.2-RC3 does not work with files containing non-english characters.


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.2
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      I have been using the old 1.2 dev build of the ComponentMetaInfoCollector class that made use of qdox-1.2 for quite some time. When I upgraded to excalibur-fortress-meta-1.2-RC3 which makes use of qdox-1.5, I started getting errors like the following when attempting to build against files containing Japanese characters.

      D:\My.build.xml:1234: The following error occurred while executing this line:
      D:\My.build.xml:448: com.thoughtworks.qdox.parser.ParseException: syntax error @[192,43] in file:/D:/MyJavaApp/src/MyClass.java

      Most likely this is simple a problem of garbled characters. I could not find anyplace to specify the encoding of the java source files to be processed. It should be done as follows:
      <collect-metainfo destdir="$


      " encoding="Shift_JIS">
      <fileset dir="$



      The problem is that there is no place to set an encoding either in the ComponentMetaInfoCollector class, nor in its parent QDox class AbstractQdoxTask is there a way to set the encoding. Because we are parsing a text file, this is required.
      Most likely this needs to get added to the AbstractQdoxTask class in the QDox project. But I was not sure who to approach about this.

      I don't see why this was working in the old version. Most likely just luck that the garbled characters did not cause any problems the way it used to parse them.

      When working with Japanese files, I am pretty much going to have to keep using the old version until this gets fixed.



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