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[PATCH] FAQ - Standalone Document from Command Line



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      [clay@Clays-PB trunk]$ svn diff
      Index: site-author/content/xdocs/docs_0_80/faq.xml
      --- site-author/content/xdocs/docs_0_80/faq.xml (revision 387265)
      +++ site-author/content/xdocs/docs_0_80/faq.xml (working copy)
      @@ -111,15 +111,36 @@
                 you want. Forrest will build that page, then of course
                 it will keep crawling links from there. It might be
                 confined to a sub-directory, but depending on links
      - could end up generating the whole site.
      + could end up generating the whole site. The main
      + thing is that your page of interest is built first.
      + <note>
      + You can make this change <strong>temporarily</strong>
      + by running Forrest from the Command Line Interface
      + (CLI) as follows:<br /><br />
      + <source>
      + forrest -Dproject.start-uri=index.html
      + </source>
      + </note>
      - The main thing is that your page of interest is built first.
                 You can terminate forrest with 'kill' or Ctrl-C after it
      - has built your pages of interest.
      + has built your page(s) of interest.
      + <warning>If you use this method, be <strong>very</strong> careful,
      + as it is a very early stage development. It does not guarantee a
      + completely built site, it only saves the page you are viewing.
      + This is fine if the skin, <code>site.xml</code> and
      + <code>tabs.xml</code> remain unchanged (<em>i.e.</em>, only the
      + body has changed), but if any of those files have changed you
      + will need to do a full forrest site.<br /><br />
      + This is a really important new feature and we really need help
      + developing it.
      + </warning>
                 Cocoon can be instructed via the
                 <link href="#cli-xconf">Cocoon cli.xconf</link> file to not


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