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Incorrect link to "Master Overview" in the web-app from a remote machine


    • Type: Bug Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: v0.9.1u1, v0.9.2
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      Was originally filed here: https://jira.cloudera.com/browse/CDH-1538

      I've copied the description was the previous Jira too :

      When using the flume web-app ( ...:35871/flumeconfig.jsp) on a remote machine and submit query through the Submit Query Button, the following page opens up :

      Command received
      You entered
      Node: node1
      Source: null
      Sink: null

      Please wait for a few seconds, and we'll redirect you back to the "Master overview".

      When you click on the "Master overview" link, it takes you to http://localhost:35872/, instead of http://ip-of-the-remote-machine:35872.

      Note that this issue arises when/because the config file at the master and the node side are different; config file at the node might have a list of servers but the master might not know about them. So the call FlumeConfiguration.get().getMasterServers ( ) at the master end will simply return "localhost" instead of the full list of servers.


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        Summary Incorrect link to "Master Overview" in the wed-app from a remote machine Incorrect link to "Master Overview" in the web-app from a remote machine
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