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Flume builds with new version require mvn install before site can be generated



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      At this point, if you change the version for Flume, you need to run a mvn install before you can run with -Psite (or, for that matter, javadoc:javadoc) enabled. This is because the top-level POM in flume.git/pom.xml is both the parent POM and the root of the reactor - since it's the parent, it's got to run before any of the children that inherit from it, but site generation should be running after all the children, so that it probably pulls in the reactor's build of each child module, rather than having to pull in one already installed/deployed before the build starts.

      There are a bunch of other reasons to split parent POM and top-level POM, but that's the biggest one right there.

      Also, the javadoc jar generation is a bit messed up - every module's javadoc jar contains not only its own javadocs but the javadocs for every Flume module it depends on. That, again, may make sense in a site context for the top-level, but not for the individual modules. This results in unnecessary bloat in the javadoc jars, and unnecessary time spent downloading the "*-javadoc-resources.jar" for every dependency each module has, due to how the javadoc plugin works. Also the whole site generation per-module thing, which I am not a fan of in most cases. I don't think it's needed here. Tweaking the site plugin not to run anywhere but the top-level and the javadoc plugin to not do the dependency aggregation anywhere but the top-level should make a big difference on build speed.


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