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Possible reconfig issue -- setName and setChannel being called before stop


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      During reconfig testing, I found some possible issues. Sending to this list to seek clarification.

      (1) Is it expected that the stop() and start() methods of a component should be called by a lifecycleSupervisor thread?
      (2) If true for (1), then is it expected that start() and stop() should be called by the same lifecycleSupervisor thread (for the same component instance)?
      (3) Is it expected that a new component instance is not created at each reconfig event, unless that component's instance name changes in the config file?

      As an example, I have the following valid config as a bare minimal test config:

      agent.channels = c1
      agent.sources = r1
      agent.sinks = k1

      agent.channels.c1.type = MEMORY

      agent.sources.r1.channels = c1
      agent.sources.r1.type = org.apache.flume.source.custom.MyBasicSource

      agent.sinks.k1.channel = c1
      agent.sinks.k1.type = NULL

      The MyBasicSource class looks like this (I created an explicit ctor so that I can set a breakpoint on it, and I set breakpoints at all entry points of methods in AbstractSource to trace which thread calls which method of the source component instance):

      public class MyBasicSource extends AbstractSource implements EventDrivenSource {
      public MyBasicSource() {


      After a reconfig event is triggered (I just touched the config file this time without modifying it), the source's setChannelProcessor() (with a new ChannelProcessor instance) is being called before calling stop(). So It seems to me that if stop() does cleanup work (light setting all fields to null, including a ChannelProcessor field), then the new ChannelProcessor instance (after reconfig) would be lost.

      In a similar test, I repeated the above steps but this time changed the instance name in the config from 'r1' to 'r2'. This time upon a reconfig, a call to the ctor and to setName() preceeded the call to stop(), and then after stop() comes start().

      In case that made you dizzy, here's a summary of behavior during a reconfig:

      method():thread (where <method> is called by <thread>)


      <<conf file reconfig event occurs here.. changed the name of the source component instance from r1 to r2>


      Some things to notice:

      1) The LifecycleAware method are called 3 different threads. start() is called by lifecycleSupervisor-1-2, stop() is called by conf-file-poller-0 (!... expected?), and the start() in the 2nd instance of MyBasicSource is called by lifecycleSupervisor-1-4. Although I can understand that different instances (r1 and r2) can be called by different lifecycle threads, note that even the same instance (r1) had its start() method called by different lifecycle threads before and after reconfig. My concern about this relates to visibility of field values and happens-before relationships. If one thread calls stop() and sets field values to null, while another thread calls start to set field values to some value, then the call by the first thread might propagate to the working space of the 2nd thread sometime after thread 2 writes the value, which means that it could be possible that the new instance receives a null value sometime after the 2nd start() is called. JCIP.

      2) After the reconfig, setName(..) and setChannelProcessor(..) are being called before stop().

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