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Write "Serializer Configurations" metainfo along with state




      In order for serializers to be able to be reconfigured on restore, we need knowledge of the previous serializer configurations, e.g. what types were registered, with which specific / default serializers, and especially for Kryo, the order they were registered.

      For this, we will need serializer configuration metainfo to be self-contained within the written state.

      For the implementation, we propose to include the following changes:

      • Have a new separate SerializersConfig class that is extracted from ExecutionConfig. This new class should contain only the serializer-related configurations (e.g., registeredKryoTypes, registeredPojoTypes, etc.). The SerializersConfig class should only be internally used, and therefore annotated with Internal. Users should still use the ExecutionConfig to configure serializers.
      • For serializers that previously require a ExecutionConfig in constructors, try changing them to take a SerializersConfig instead.
      • Introduce SerializersConfigSerializationProxy, which is in charge of serializing the current SerializersConfig when writing state to streams. This proxy defines the the serialized format of serializer configurations, therefore should be a VersionedIOReadableWritable as we may change the format / information written in the future.
      • Add SerializersConfigSerializationProxy into state backends serialization proxies (e.g. KeyedBackendSerializationProxy) so that the serializer configuration is written into state. Need to additionally make sure backwards compatibility of previous-version backend serialization proxies.

      For the initial version, we propose to include the following within the written serialization config metadata (ordered):
      1. registeredPojoTypes
      2. Throwable.class --> org.apache.flink.api.java.typeutils.runtime.kryo.JavaSerializer default Flink-specific registry for serializing throwables.
      3. defaultKryoSerializers
      4. defaultKryoSerializerClasses
      5. Kryo registrations for all primitive types (and boxed versions). This is to allow compatibility in case the built-in registrations for the primitive types change in Kryo in the future.
      6. registeredTypesWithKryoSerializers
      7. registeredTypesWithKryoSerializerClasses


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