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Support GPU calculations



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      This ticket was initiated as continuation of the dev discussion thread: New Flink team member - Kate Eri (Integration with DL4J topic)
      Recently we have proposed the idea to integrate Deeplearning4J with Apache Flink.
      It is known that DL models training is resource demanding process, so training on CPU could converge much longer than on GPU.

      But not only for DL training GPU usage could be supposed, but also for optimization of graph analytics and other typical data manipulations, nice overview of GPU related problems is presented Accelerating Spark workloads using GPUs.

      Currently the community pointed the following issues to consider:
      1) Flink would like to avoid to write one more time its own GPU support, to reduce engineering burden. That’s why such libraries like ND4J should be considered.
      2) Currently Flink uses Breeze, to optimize linear algebra calculations, ND4J can’t be integrated as is, because it still doesn’t support sparse arrays. Maybe this issue should be simply contributed to ND4J to enable its usage?
      3) The calculations would have to work with both available and not available GPUs. If the system detects that GPUs are available, then ideally it would exploit them. Thus GPU resource management could be incorporated in FLINK-5131 (only suggested).
      4) It was mentioned that as far Flink takes care of shipping data around the cluster, also it will perform its dump out to GPU for calculation and load back up. In practice, the lack of a persist method for intermediate results makes this troublesome (not because of GPUs but for calculating any sort of complex algorithm we expect to be able to cache intermediate results).
      That’s why the Ticket FLINK-1730 must be implemented to solve such problem.
      5) Also it was recommended to take a look at Apache Mahout, at least to get the experience with GPU integration and check its

      6) For now, GPU proposed only for batch calculations optimization, to support GPU for streaming should be started another ticket, because optimization of streaming by GPU requires additional research.
      7) Also experience of Netflix regarding this question could be considered: Distributed Neural Networks with GPUs in the AWS Cloud

      This is considered as master ticket for GPU related ticktes


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