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Flink Kubernetes Operator has some room for optimizing performance.



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      When there is a huge number of FlinkDeployment and FlinkSessionJob in a kubernetes cluster, there will be a significant delay between event submit into reconcile thread pool and  event is processed. 

      this is our test:we give operator enough resource(cpu: 10core, memory: 20g, reconcile thread pool  size was 200 ) and we deployed 10000 jobs firstly (one FlinkDeployment and one SessionJob per job) , then we do submit/delete job tests. we found that
      1. it cost about 2min between create new FlinkDeployment and FlinkSessionJob CR to k8s and the flink job submited to jobmanager.
      2. it cost about 1min between delete a FlinkDeployment and FlinkSessionJob CR  and the flink job and session cluster cleared.


      I use async-profiler to get flamegraph when  there is a huge number FlinkDeployment and FlinkSessionJob. I found two obvious areas for optimization

      1. For Flinkdeployment: in the observe step, we call AbstractFlinkService.getClusterInfo/listJobs/getTaskManagerInfo , every time we call these method we need create RestClusterClient/ send requests/ close, I think we should reuse RestClusterClient as much as possible to avoid frequently creating objects to reduce GC pressure

      2. For FlinkSessionJob (This issue is more obvious): in the whole reconcile loop, we call getSecondaryResource 5 times to get FlinkDeployement resource info. Based on my current understanding of the Flink Operator, I think we do not need to call it 5 times in a single reconcile loop, calling it once is enough. If yes, we cloud save 30% cpu usage (every getSecondaryResource cost 6% cpu usage)


      I hope we can discuss solutions to address this problem together. I'm very willing to optimize and resolve this issue.




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