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Deserialization creates multiple instances of case objects in Scala 2.13



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    • 1.15.4, 1.17.1
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    • Scala 2.13.12

      Flink 1.17.1 and 1.15.4 running inside IntelliJ

      Flink 1.15.4 running in AWS Managed Flink


      See https://github.com/SmedbergM/mwe-flink-2-13-deserialization for a minimal working example.

      When running a Flink job with Scala 2.13, deserialized objects whose fields are case objects have those case objects re-instantiated. Thus any code that relies on reference equality (such as methods of `scala.Option`) will break.

      I suspect that this is due to Kyro deserialization not being singleton-aware for case objects, but I haven't been able to drill in and catch this in the act.

      Here are relevant lines of my application log:


      17:37:13.224 [jobmanager-io-thread-1] INFO  o.a.f.r.c.CheckpointCoordinator -- No checkpoint found during restore.
      17:37:13.531 [parse-book -> Sink: log-book (2/2)#0] WARN  smedbergm.mwe.BookSink$ -- Book.isbn: None with identityHashCode 1043314405 reports isEmpty false; true None is 2019204827
      17:37:13.531 [parse-book -> Sink: log-book (1/2)#0] INFO  smedbergm.mwe.BookSink$ -- Winkler, Scott: Terraform In Action (ISBN 978-1-61729-689-5) $49.99
      17:37:13.534 [parse-book -> Sink: log-book (2/2)#0] WARN  smedbergm.mwe.BookSink$ -- Book.isbn: None with identityHashCode 465138693 reports isEmpty false; true None is 2019204827
      17:37:13.534 [parse-book -> Sink: log-book (1/2)#0] INFO  smedbergm.mwe.BookSink$ -- Čukić, Ivan: Functional Programming in C++ (ISBN 978-1-61729-381-8) $49.99
      17:37:13.538 [flink-akka.actor.default-dispatcher-8] INFO  o.a.f.r.c.CheckpointCoordinator -- Stopping checkpoint coordinator for job eed1c049790ac5f38664ddfd6b049282. 

      I know that https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-13414 (support for Scala 2.13) is still listed as in-progress, but there is no warning in the docs that using 2.13 might not be stable. (This particular error does not occur on Scala 2.12, in this case because Option.isEmpty was re-implemented in 2.13; however, I suspect that multiple deserialization may be occurring already in 2.12.)






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