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Add AvroParquetFileRecordFormat




      There is currently no easy way to read avro GenericRecords from parquet via the new FileSource.
      While helping out a user I started writing FileRecordFormat that could do that, but it requires some finalization.

      The implementation is similar to our ParquetAvroWriters class, in that we just wrap some parquet classes and bridge our FileSystem with their IO abstraction.

      The main goal was to have a format that reads data through our FileSystems, and not work directly against Hadoop to prevent a ClassLoader leak from the S3AFileSystem (threads in a thread pool can keep references to the user classloader).

      According to the user it appears to be working, but it will need some cleanup, ideally support for specific records, support for checkpointing (which should be fairly easy I believe), maybe splitting files (not sure whether this works properly with Parquet) and of course tests + documentation.

      public class ParquetAvroFileRecordFormat implements FileRecordFormat<GenericRecord> {
          private final transient Schema schema;
          public ParquetAvroFileRecordFormat(Schema schema) {
              this.schema = schema;
          public Reader<GenericRecord> createReader(
                  Configuration config, Path filePath, long splitOffset, long splitLength)
                  throws IOException {
              final FileSystem fs = filePath.getFileSystem();
              final FileStatus status = fs.getFileStatus(filePath);
              final FSDataInputStream in = fs.open(filePath);
              return new MyReader(
                      AvroParquetReader.<GenericRecord>builder(new InputFileWrapper(in, status.getLen()))
          public Reader<GenericRecord> restoreReader(
                  Configuration config,
                  Path filePath,
                  long restoredOffset,
                  long splitOffset,
                  long splitLength) {
              // not called if checkpointing isn't used
              return null;
          public boolean isSplittable() {
              // let's not worry about this for now
              return false;
          public TypeInformation<GenericRecord> getProducedType() {
              return new GenericRecordAvroTypeInfo(schema);
          private static class MyReader implements FileRecordFormat.Reader<GenericRecord> {
              private final ParquetReader<GenericRecord> parquetReader;
              private MyReader(ParquetReader<GenericRecord> parquetReader) {
                  this.parquetReader = parquetReader;
              public GenericRecord read() throws IOException {
                  return parquetReader.read();
              public void close() throws IOException {
          private static class InputFileWrapper implements InputFile {
              private final FSDataInputStream inputStream;
              private final long length;
              private InputFileWrapper(FSDataInputStream inputStream, long length) {
                  this.inputStream = inputStream;
                  this.length = length;
              public long getLength() {
                  return length;
              public SeekableInputStream newStream() {
                  return new SeekableInputStreamAdapter(inputStream);
          private static class SeekableInputStreamAdapter extends DelegatingSeekableInputStream {
              private final FSDataInputStream inputStream;
              private SeekableInputStreamAdapter(FSDataInputStream inputStream) {
                  this.inputStream = inputStream;
              public long getPos() throws IOException {
                  return inputStream.getPos();
              public void seek(long newPos) throws IOException {




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