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Rename "Flink Master" back to JobManager in documentation




      From the ML thread (https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/red9d18f7173d53d016f6826410841b2726b9293ceefaea2de0cdeafb%40%3Cdev.flink.apache.org%3E) :

      This came to my mind because of the master/slave discussion in FLINK-18209 and
      the larger discussions about inequality/civil rights happening right now
      in the world. I think for this reason alone we should use a name that
      does not include "master".

      We could rename it back to JobManager, which was the name mostly used
      before 2019. Since the beginning of Flink, TaskManager was the term used
      for the worker component/node and JobManager was the term used for the
      orchestrating component/node.

      Currently our glossary defines these terms (paraphrased by me):

      • "Flink Master": it's the orchestrating component that consists of
        resource manager, dispatcher, and JobManager
      • JobManager: it's the thing that manages a single job and runs as
        part of a "Flink Master"
      • TaskManager: it's the worker process

      Prior to the introduction of the glossary the definition of JobManager
      would have been:

      • It's the orchestrating component that manages execution of jobs and
        schedules work on TaskManagers.

      Quite some parts in the code and documentation/configuration options
      still use that older meaning of JobManager. Newer parts of the
      documentation use "Flink Master" instead.

      I'm proposing to go back to calling the orchestrating component
      JobManager, which would mean that we have to touch up the documentation
      to remove mentions of "Flink Master". I'm also proposing not to mention
      the internal components such as resource manager and dispatcher in the
      glossary because there are transparent to users.

      I'm proposing to go back to JobManager instead of an alternative name
      also because switching to yet another name would mean many more changes
      to code/documentation/peoples minds.


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