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ResourceManager requests unnecessary new workers if previous workers are allocated but not registered.





      Currently on Kubernetes & Yarn deployment, the ResourceManager compares pending workers requested from Kubernetes/Yarn against pending workers required by SlotManager, for deciding whether new workers should be requested in case of a worker failure.

      • KubernetesResourceManager#requestKubernetesPodIfRequired
      • YarnResourceManager#requestYarnContainerIfRequired

      Pending workers requested from Kubernetes/Yarn is decreased when the worker is allocated, before the worker is actually started and registered.

      • Decreased in ActiveResourceManager#notifyNewWorkerAllocated, which is called in
      • KubernetesResourceManager#onAdded
      • YarnResourceManager#onContainersOfResourceAllocated

      On the other hand, pending workers required by SlotManager is derived from the number of pending slots inside SlotManager, which is decreased when the new workers/slots are registered.

      • SlotManagerImpl#registerSlot

      Therefore, if a worker w1 is failed after another worker w2 is allocated but before w2 is registered, the ResourceManager will request an unnecessary new worker for w2.


      Normally, the extra worker should be released soon after allocated. But in cases where the Kubernetes/Yarn cluster does not have enough resources, it might create more and more pending pods/containers.

      It's even more severe for Kubernetes, because KubernetesResourceManager#onAdded only suggest that the pod spec has been successfully added to the cluster, but the pod may not actually been allocated due to lack of resources. Imagine there are N pending pods, a failure of a running pod means requesting another N new pods.

      In a session cluster, such pending pods could take long to be cleared even after all jobs in the session cluster have terminated.


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